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    The Stupid One

    MPEG player

    Hi guys!
    I have one small problem:
    I want to make my program play mpeg-files, but I haven't found any tutorials about it.
    Could you help me? I don't care if the program could run only in dos or windows. You can even send a link to a opengl/mpeg -tutorial!

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    The Stupid One
    I've already read all of his tutorials, but haven't found any instructions for playing mpeg-files...

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    You may try searching MSDN documentation for the Windows MCI interface. I.e. some key word searches on:

    mciSendCommand & MCI_OPEN

    I've only used this for playing audio files (including MP3), but I believe you should be able to play MPEG. I guess you will need to pass a handle to your window or something so it can render the video.

    If you are using C++ Builder by any chance, I think you may be able to use TMediaPlayer, even though Borland's documentation doesn't refer to MPEG.

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    Try emailing him.

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