Thread: Gnu inline assembler question

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    Gnu inline assembler question

    For the GNU assembler...

    is it acceptable to do

    #pragma asm

    #pragma endasm

    #pragma __asm__

    #pragma endasm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jscott View Post

    For the GNU assembler...
    Assuming you mean GNU as, you might want to befriend the manual

    On the other paw, assuming the above are meant to be assember directives, I haven't seen them on the manual for the few minutes I look neither have I seen the before.

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    Or in fact, the GNU compiler manual, for inline assembly

    I guess you're trying to write a sequence of plain assembly instructions (i.e. unquoted, without asm()) in a C/C++ file.

    I don't think you can do this with gcc/g++, at least not as far as I know or could find from a bit of a hunt. Sorry. Looks like you'll have to put up with the clunky syntax, use a separate file, or write a script to turn your blocks into asm()'d blocks. Have fun!

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    I have a long list of board initialization assembly instructions from a project and I was hoping it would be a smooth transition.

    I have seen examples where asm was used like:

    asm("mov #0x05,%d1");


    asm("mov #0x05,%d1"
    "mov #0x69,%eax"
    "jmp off");

    and this as well...

    asm("mov #0x05,%d1
    mov #0x69,%eax
    jmp off");

    I am just trying to see which is actually the best/correct way of doing it.

    I would like to use the last method but i dont think it will be possible.

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    Well have you tried it to see if the compiler throw up an error?

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