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Thread: Hehe, look at this code. (Not looking for help)

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    It doesn't matter whether you give types and variable names or just types in the function prototype. It works exactly the same either way. Although putting the variable name wastes time.

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    I like to put the names in if I have decriptive names. The whole idea is that you should be able to look at the prototype and see what the function will do for you. This works better if you have names in there.

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    sorry for getting back to the subject of goto's, but just as Prelude said, people who don't know how to use them shouldn't use them. The problems I see with it, is sometimes the labels overlap. Another thing is it is hard to debug, and hard to pick through your code. I use goto like once or twice in most of my projects.

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    I don't think goto's are the problem. maybe it's a bad programming technique but it was used in earlier languages. the compiler compiles them the same right? I know the machine has different types of memory levels/settings or something... anyway, I find it normal to use them, not regularly, but for quick jumps from a code fragment to another to save time processing in a program. thinking about this for a sorting algorithm now...
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    Post GOTOs

    For text-based adventure games goto canreally make things confusing but they were used often back in the old days for one of the greatest text games ever........... ZORK!!!!
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    i just voted on the crack pipe one because i like it
    + Sekti

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    dont i love the result
    it is so true

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    First we argue about goto's, now we're talking about Crack. This is truly the programming messageboard for me.

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