Thread: HELP!! i though addition problems were over after 3rd grade!

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    Question HELP!! i though addition problems were over after 3rd grade!

    I have been assigned to write a program that randomly generates two arrays of 25 int values each, and adds them element by element.

    array1--->5 6 4 2 8 0 2 4 7 5 4.......
    array2--->2 2 7 4 8 1 8 2 9 3 6.......

    array3--->7 9 1 7 6 2 0 7 6 9 0

    Ive already designed and tested the code to add, but when it comes time for the user to enter the answer, the assignment specifically asks to enter it as a sting, so the user can enter a continuous # instead of one by one.

    the way ive gone about this, is by declaring a string:

    char array4[26]; (i added one number for the null character)

    and this is where im can i get the user to enter a continuous number and have the compiler check to see if the user is correct?? ive been trying to solve this every way for the last few days and nothing!!!
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I assume you mean that you wish to check the string to make sure every char is a digit, if so use isdigit().

    for (int i = 0; int i < 26; i++) {
        if (!isdigit(array4[i])) { // NOT A DIGIT }
        else { // IS A DIGIT }
    That should work, unless I'm too tired and am being an idiot again. =b

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