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    Custom String Parsing Function

    Hi, I want to make a function Called Gettok(). The idea for this function comes from the mIRC scripting language's function called $gettok. It works like this:

    Returns the Nth 'token' in text.

    gettok(this is a string,1,32) returns "this"
    gettok(this is a string,2,32) returns "is"
    gettok(this is a string,3,32) returns "a"
    gettok(this is a string,4,32) returns "string"
    gettok(this is a string,5,32) returns NULL (or "NULL")

    The string "this is a string" is seperated by Character Code 32, which is a space.
    If i wanted too, I could specify a different character code, For example 115, which is the ASCII code for the letter S. And then do this:
    gettok(this is a string,1,115) returns "thi"
    gettok(this is a string,2,115) returns "i"
    gettok(this is a string,3,115) returns "a "
    gettok(this is a string,4,115) returns "tring"
    gettok(this is a string,5,115) returns NULL (or "NULL")

    I would want to use this Function like this:

    String string1 = gettok(Edit1->Text,3,32)


    Char *string[]=gettok(Edit1->Text,2,42)

    Any tips how to make such a function?

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    Tips? Sure.

    You could search through the passed string for the occurance of the desired character. Perhaps using 'strchr()' or by cycling through the array and comparing each element.
    for (i = 0; i < strlen(PassedInString); i ++)
       if (PassedInString[i] == ThisCharacter) // do something about it
    Then simply get the characters that occured before the matched element and return them. Repeat your search for the required character n times or until you reach the end of the string.

    P.S. This: 'gettok(this is a string,1,32)' will generate any number of errors. You mean this: 'gettok("this is a string",1,32)'
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    Just so you know there already exists such a function, strtok()

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