Thread: removing < > from headers

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    removing < > from headers


    I need remove the < and > part of header includes and replace with " and "

    eg- #include <tchar.h> to #include "tchar.h"

    There are so many files. can anybody give me idea how i can do this?


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    A text editor/IDE might be able to perform a global search and replace using regular expressions. Alternatively, perhaps a shell script could be written to do the job.
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    I think notepad++ can do this. Not really a c++ question through.

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    Don't do this.
    Header includes that have <> instead of "" tell the compiler to look first in the locations where system header files are.
    You should leave the code alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iMalc View Post
    Header includes that have <> instead of "" tell the compiler to look first in the locations where system header files are.
    If I remember correctly "not first"

    <> looks in include folders only
    "" looks in current folder first, next in include folders
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    Yes useful if someone made their own customized versionsof standard headers. Good to keep those out of the standard search paths.

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    Modifying system headers, or even making copies of them and modifying them and using those instead of the regular system headers is not recommended in the first place.
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    Outside of your DOS world, your header file is meaningless.

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