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    output produces funky characters

    Ok I am making a simple program that deals with inheritance. The program basically works except for when I output the names of the god and the person it puts out 50 characters with the last being the names that the user input. I am not sure what to do in order to fix this.

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <string.h>

    class god
    virtual void speak() { cout << "\nGod is speaking!\n";}

    virtual void setname(char* name) {strncpy(itsname, name, 50);}
    virtual char *getname() {return itsname;}

    char itsname[50];


    class person: public god
    void speak() {cout << "\nThe person is speaking!\n";}

    int main()
    char name[50];
    char name1[50];

    god thor;

    person bob;


    cout << "\n";
    cout << "\nEnter a name for god ";
    cin.getline(name, 50);
    cout << "\nThe god's name is " << thor.getname();
    cout << "\n";
    cout << "\nEnter a name for the person";
    cin.getline(name1, 50);

    cout << "\nThe name of the person is " << bob.getname();

    return 0;

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    do you actually transfer the string to the class? you're inputting the two names, and printing the class names, but you never link the input to the classes. the fact that you actually see the names somewhere is just luck.

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