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    getline help!

    I have this function for my address book program but the first getline isn't working, somebody please tell me why!

    PHP Code:
    void ChangeEntry (sturec &bookfstream myfileint &recordnum)

    int whichnum;
    char temp1[50], temp2[50];
    cout << "\nRecord number to change? ";
    cin >> whichnum;

        if (
    whichnum recordnum)
    cout << "\nI'm sorry, there are not that many records.  \nPlease select a record"<<
    " between 0 and "<<recordnum<<endl<<endl;

    cout <<"Last name: "<<temp1;
    cout <<"\nLast name? \n";
    cin.getline (temp215);
    cout << temp2;
            if (
    strcpy (book.lastnametemp2);
    cout <<"First name: "<<temp1<<endl;
    cout <<"First name? ";
    cin.getline (temp215);
            if (
    strcpy (book.firstnametemp2);    


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    because there is still a newline char in the input buffer following the line:

    cin >> whichnum;

    to fix it add this after the above line:


    As you get more sophisticated with your programming skills read about istream methods (>> and getline in particular) in your favorite textbook (as there are some picky ooni details that can trip you up if you don't know how these methods work), or do a search on this board using getline as the searchword.

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