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    little encryption

    Hi everyone

    I have implemnted an encryption program that uses pbox and sbox, I tested the p_box and it is fine. but I have a problem for testing the s_box ,it returns strange simbols

    can anyone suggest some strategy to test... or why it giveme strange simpols

    the encryption is based on this expression and it has to do 20 rounds:
    c1 = m1 + k1m3 (Mod 26)
    c2 = k2m1 + m3 (Mod 26)
    c3 = m2 + k3m4 (Mod26)
    c4 = k4m2 + m4 (Mod 26)

    the code is in the file

    thanks in advance

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    Well, I'm not sure but the value of your characters in msg3 never exceed 25 (mod 26). If you take a look at the ASCII table you can see that printing this characters will result in strange (non printable) characters.

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