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    Help on opening files

    Ok, I am just starting to play with C++ and have written a class that opens files for practice. Does anyone know why this is not opening the files? (or if it is, why it is not exiting) I am sending it basic input like c:\test.txt (and using a file that i do have in my c:\).

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    class myFileLoader
    		void getName();
    		FILE *itsName;
    void myFileLoader::getName()
    	FILE *temp;
    	char str[100];
    	printf("Please enter the file you wish to load:  ");
    	fgets(str, 99, stdin);
    	while ((temp = fopen(str, "r")) == NULL )
    		printf("\n******File was not opened, Please try again******");
    		printf("\nPlease enter the file you wish to load:  ");
    		fgets(str, 99, stdin);
    	printf("\nFile sucessfully loaded!");
    	itsName = temp;
    int main()
    	myFileLoader test;
    	return 0;
    Also, if I wanted to put the class in a header file and its function in another cpp file and include it all together, would I need to use #IFNDEFINE and call the other <stdio.h> so that they would know what FILE is supposed to be?

    P.S. any pointers on the code would be appreciated.

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    I think fgets() retains the newline character at the end, so:

    > fgets(str, 99, stdin);
    str[strlen(str)-1] = '\0'; //lose the newline

    For strlen(), add this at the top:
    #include <cstring>
    using namespace std;

    As to your other question, I think yes, you would need to include <stdio.h> in the cpp file with the class functions.

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