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    Question Changing the character output.

    This is for a game I am making. I have a bitmap file with all 26 characters of the alphabet. The ASCII codes for each character in windows at least, for uppercase, start at the ASCII value of 65. This does not reflect in any way upon the position they are in the bitmap file. In the bitmap file letter A is 0, B is 1, and C is 2, and so forth. I need to change the ASCII values into my own custom values (the order that they are in the bitmap).

    Is there a way to set C++ to compile all strings NOT with the ASCII codes but with my own custom character set. Meaning, is there a way to make C++ take each character in a string and write it in memory with the position they have in the bitmaps? Like "ABCD" would place "0,1,2,3" in memeory. If possible, I'd like this to be done before runtime with preprocessing macros.

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    I can't think of a define substitution that'd help you as I think you might like, convieniently as it seems you'd like. Perhaps you can rewrite your own string class that'd call a constructor to reassign your values [translated] into some constant data. Other than that I can only think to do manual translation of all relevant strings. Aside from that, if you are using your own bitmapped file format, you can alter it as needed up saving and loading. Is this a text-based game, I might presume?

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    you can use preprocessor directives and make macro's or you can use enumeration to accomplish this...

    it will work cuz ive done it once before
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    But how can I do that?

    But can you teach me how to write it with the preprocesing directives and/or enumeration? Can you show me a sample line? I really do need this, the severity of the situation is terrible. I've been searching for so long.
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    Why not just compensate for the offset?
    You know the values for the letters in your bitmap, and you know the character codes... to me, it doesn't seem too hard.

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    I was never looking for the easiest way out. I just knew there had to be a way to do things the way I described (through preprocessing). It was a simple quest for knowledge, although no one seems to be able to have an answere and my quest about ends here. I could have done it by subtraction a long time ago. But I would rather know what I am asking.

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