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    info on my game

    for my text rpg, im just about ready to start doing the levels. just need some input from you guys first. this is how it works:


    Monsters do a certain amnt of damage, and all have a certain amnt of fire resistance, water resistance, earth resistance, and wind resistance, and physical resistance.


    Weapons all do physical damage, except for magic ones which also do fire, or water, etc.


    Scrolls all do a certain amnt of all the types of damage (look at resistances). some of them do damage in more than one area, like Hell's Fury. this is all calculated for. instead of being able to only use the scroll once, you learn the spells. however, you can only have 3 learned at a time. the better the spell, the more energy is drained from you, which is required for you to cast spells.


    Rooms are rooms. Most of them will have a weapon on the floor, which you can switch with your current weapon. A scroll too, which you can memorize. They will also have some sort of switch or lever or something like that that might open a secret door, or such like that.


    You pick your character's stats (health, speed, str, magic). Each one effects how much damage you do in each area....or your health, or speed. Each one also has a special ability with it if you choose it for #1 priority. health reduces attacks to you by 2. speed lets you do 2 attacks, each with a new rand num calculated. str doubles your damage. (those two are only for weapons). magic adds 3 onto your damage with scrolls. also you have an armor class, which is lowered when you level up. when you level up, you can add 4 points to any one category.

    Of course you fight and stuff like that. You can also rest, which puts your health and energy to the max. If you run from a fight, and rest, the monster will fully heal as well so you can't be cheap in that way.

    can you guys think of any other features to put in? if you would like to see so far, just ask me to post the exe. (no code for you yet, im not about to release it just yet).

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    Some advice, don't let the user pick the stats unless it's higher the hp or whatever, the less damage......if you don't want to do that, you can use the srand() or rand() functions included in the <time.h> or <ctime> (either one works) header file.

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    its like this:

    Pick importance of health:

    Pick importance of strength:

    Pick importance of speed:

    Pick importance of magic:

    then it assigns the most important with 16, 2nd with 12, 3rd with 8, and 4th with 4. so it does lower one if you choose another.

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    Originally posted by Quantrizi
    you can use the srand() or rand() functions included in the <time.h> or <ctime> (either one works) header file.
    I just wanted to point out that I think you're confused.

    rand() and srand() are both in <cstdlib> or <stdlib.h>. However you usually use the time() function in conjunction with srand() to seed the rand() function (which is in <ctime> or <time.h>).

    Just wanted to clear that up.

    My input on stat choosing is this:
    Just have all the stats randomly cycled. Have the user press enter each time to cycle through another set of random stats. If they like a set, they can type a command or hit another key or something to choose it. You know what I mean? Some older RPG's had this type of feature.

    Good luck
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    Sorry (but on the plus, I was 1/2 right (new record ))

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    now im starting to code for the first level, the dungeon. there are 55 rooms in all, along with secret rooms that you must get to to be able to continue. it's going to be pretty tricky to make it through, its like a maze almost. hahaha.

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