Thread: Microsoft Access and C++

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    Microsoft Access and C++

    Hello friends. I need a push in the right direction concerning extracting data from databases, especially microsoft access. Let's say I have this dictionary database in Access and I want to write a code in C++ that goes through all the words in the database and extracts specific words like palindromes and stores it in a list or vector. What headers would I use? What would be the syntax for extracting from the database? Anybody knows of a tutorial? Your help would be much appreciated and if I get a "........ off" I understand and wont take it personal. I assume its probably hard and time consuming to explain.

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    I suppose I'd start with researching the format, binary or txt, does it have comma delimiters etc.

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    The key phrase to know is odbc (open database connectivity)
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    Depending on your needs, the right tool for the job may be shifting to a managed language such as C# or VB.NET. Both of these language wrap the COM interface nicely and allow for easier db access. Otherwise browse through the links Salem provided and you will see examples of connecting to access from C++. If you are using Microsoft visual studio there is a wizard to add a datasource that simplifies things as well.
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