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    Standalone Application

    I have created a small application using Visual C++. How do I create an executable that can be installed on another machine?
    In Visual Basic, the Make .exe command allows this to be done easily, is there any way to do this in Visual C++?


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    Choose compile from the build menu.
    Or you can do CTRL+F7 i think.
    If you click CTRL+F5 it will run after compiling.

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    When you build your program in VC++, then automatically an executable will be created. This is put in the debug-directory of your project.

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    i use VC++ 6. maybe im wrong, but i dont think that an exe is made just when you build. if you pull down menu or compile menu or something there is an option called "Build (program name).exe". Thats how i always do it. im not sure of the menu name or if im wrong, because im at school right now.

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    I think that is how the microsoft one works (don't yell if i'm wrong) but the one I have used at school you have to manually tell it to create an exe.
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