Thread: I needs a simple C++ program to be written to calculate the monthly sales statistics.

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    I needs a simple C++ program to be written to calculate the monthly sales statistics.

    Anyone Pls! Help for this...
    (using C++ & Visual Studio)

    "ABC Company needs a simple program to be written to calculate the monthly sales statistics of their sales persons. The sales persons have to achieve a monthly target of $150,000. If achieved, they will be given a commission of 5% from the total sales in addition to their salary."

    Construct a program that can do the following:
    a) Input sales figures of five salesmen
    b) Prompt a menu to the user asking which action to perform
    c) Display all the sales figures in the descending order
    d) Display the sales figures that has exceeded the monthly target
    e) Calculate commission for each sales person. For those who have not achieved the target, display the commission as 0
    f) Find the average sales figures for that month.

    * All inputs should be accepted from the console
    * Your program should include appropriate error messages
    * Code should be clean and re-usable
    * Include comments in the code appropriately

    1) Draw the flowchart for the program.
    2) Construct the algorithm with Pseudo code.
    3) Write the program with a programming language learnt.
    4) Prepare 3 test cases with different values for input and the output generated by the program for each.
    5) Show examples of how sequence, selection and iteration are used in your own program and explain why it was used.

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    So how far have you gotten with the code?

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    This isn't a homework factory.
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