Thread: Making a constructor for a array of character.

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    Question Making a constructor for a array of character.

    class Robot{
          char name[15]; //assign to char n
          int x, y , direction;
          void ToString(int d);
          Robot(char *n, int eks, int why, int d);
          void print();
          void Move();
          void Turn(int to);
          bool At(int eks, int why);
          void step();
    Robot::Robot(char *n, int eks, int why, int d)//Constructor

    Hi guys,, how do i assign char name[] in the class to char n in the constructor?

    pls help,, any explanation or solution will do...

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    A few questions to point you in the right direction:
    How will the constructor know how many characters that n points to?
    What sort of functions work according to the answer you just gave?
    How many chars can you copy from n to name?

    And finally, why not simply use std::string and have it just easily work?
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    thanks for the reply,, i ended up using this constructor
    Robot::Robot(char *n, int eks, int why, int d){   

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    That is bad though: strcpy will copy until a null character is found, even if the number of characters copied exceeds that which can be stored in the array, resulting in a buffer overflow.

    If you changed name to be a std::string and then changed the constructor parameter to be a const std::string& you would fix this problem.
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