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    difference between cout and printf

    so let me get this straight you can use cout or printf to output text to the screen right?? right?
    also you must include stdlib to use printf correct?
    You see I thought printf was primarily used for visual cpp, but i noticed someone who used in it one of their programs so I am kinda confused and I would appreciate it if you could explain the differences between the two.

    ok thanks in advanced

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    printf() doesn't type check, cout does.

    some people prefer printf()'s formatting over ostream's manipulators/flags/etc, ; other's disagree.

    printf() is C style output, cout is C++ style output

    C++ allows both printf() and cout to be used

    C only allows printf().

    include stdlib.h for printf()

    include iostream.h or fstream.h (drop the .h if you have an up to date compiler) for cout.

    as a general rule, it's not considered wise to mix printf() and cout in the same program.

    Use whichever you want.
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    You only need to include the stdio library to use printf.

    As elad mentioned, C programmers use printf, C++ programmers get to choose but usually use cout. If you mix the two in the same program it can result in massive headaches.
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