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    programming a chat clientserver...

    I have written a chat program. But I am having touble with reading both the keybord and port at the same time. If I write cin>> the program is stuck here until something comes in if i don't write it, it is impossible to write anything on the console.

    I'm using Visual Studio 6.0 and are using winsock to comunicate between the client and server. If I use the client to listen to the keybord, and server to listen to the port everything works. but I cant get the client(or server) to do both.

    I tried to use threads but it I had some of the same trubble there. Is it possible to time out the cin>> at a spesific time if nothing is typed?

    How is it possible to solve this problem?

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    Have you tried the cin.peek() function?

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    Use kbhit(). It returns 1 when a key is hit.

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    Well if your working with windows I would recomend ::GetAsyncKeyState instead of kbhit. Although I am not sure thats really the way to solve this problem. I would lean towards using the keydown function in the message loop and "send" when ever a key was pressed.

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