I want to find area of contiguous 1 in two dimension array like this


Contiguous area of number 1 = 13
I write FindAreaof1 function below and m_tempData(x,y) is two dimension area
I call FindAreaof1 function by this loop

for (y=0; y< width; y++){
for (x=0; x< width; x++){
if (m_tempData(x,y) == 1){
InterestArea = FindAreaof1(x,y);
If (InterestArea > 5000)
Interestx = x;
Interesty = y;

////This is FindAreaof1 function//////
long FindAreaof1(long x, long y)
long count ;
if (m_tempData(x,y)==0) return 0;
m_tempData(x,y) = 0;
count = 1 + FindAreaof1(x, y-1) + FindAreaof1 (x+1, y-1)
+ FindAreaof1 (x+1, y) + FindAreaof1 (x+1, y+1)
+ FindAreaof1 (x, y+1) + FindAreaof1 (x-1, y+1)
+ FindAreaof1 (x-1, y) + FindAreaof1 (x-1, y-1);
return count;

In the above example I can find FindAreaof1 = 13
If FindAreaof1 has small value ,it can find FindAreaof1.
But if FindAreaof1 has large value , it show message box and tell me there is Stack Overflow error.
I think this error cause by time of resursion is large. I want to know how to exit loop FindAreaof1 when count more than 5000 and send 5000 to FindAreaof1(x,y)
Because I think if exit loop when count >= 5000 can solve Stack Overfolw error and I want only position x and y which has Findareaof1 more than 5000.