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    Unhappy multiple sound files .. stuck

    i wanna play multiple sound files in a row,so i want that when one ends playing the other automatically start, how do i do this.

    i cant' figure it out, if i say sndPlaySound(...., SND_ASYNC), the previous sound stops in middle and the next starts play,

    and if i say sndPlaySound(..., SND_NOSTOP) it just returns a false, and if i use a loop to wait for TRUE then my program just freezes until the sound finishes so i can't use my program meanwhile.

    can i play them one after another automatically ? many many thankx!

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    whats the sndPlaySound() for?
    I've only used PlaySound() and i think that stuff works there

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    PlaySound() does the same as sndPlaySound() is just a bit advanced. but my problem is that when i start playing another file the previous one stops. i want that firt it waits for the previous to finish than start the new one.

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