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    Maybe its some loop which needs an added +1 for the length of the encryption?

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    i had some trouble using the encrypt option. it didn't encrypt the text given ??

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    Lots of problems with my prog i gues.. I learnt my lesson that i should program in a structured way.. now i am not able to correct it because every code looks confusing.. I am rewriting the entire program...

    Can any of you guys help....

    I have created a function that takes in the char and the password and returns the encrypted text.. Can any of you guys write an Xor encryption function for me which takes in the message and password each of any lenght and gives back the encrypted text.. But pleqase make sure that the function is able to handle c^c and password smaller than message etc..

    I want to combine the two function to do my program..
    Can you help me...


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    had the same prob. many times.
    Find a coding style to meet your needs and/or personailty

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