Thread: Stupid Error!

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    Stupid Error!

    Ok, I haven't been doing C++ for very long. But I've just started doing a little newb program, and it's been working fine. But then I had to go and mess with it to try and improve it didn't I! And now it won't work! The error I get it very common, I'm pretty sure it is anyway. I can't see any error on the line it mentions, so it must be an earlier error.

    The Error:
    82 bank.cpp unterminated character constant

    I just can't see any errors anywhere! Please help, thx in advance.

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    You have forgotten the last " or ' in a string somewhere.
    Unterminated errors can get messy and show the wrong lines all the time.

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    line 57

    cout<< "You have exceeded the allowed ammount of tries to enter the password!

    you forgot "; at the end

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