Thread: create user define literal?

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    create user define literal?

    In C++ there are a number of primitives that are not defined in terms of other types. By this I'm thinking

    int a = 1;
    char b = 'M';
    float c = 3.45f;
    short d = 0xC3A3;

    Is it possible to define your own literal? What I would like to do is have a hex literal for a data type where n = sizeof(data_type). If this type were a big integer, then I would want something like:

    BigInt e = 0x13CA9B0C98D983E912DA0B0A9F87E0;

    My goal is to assign a value from one contingous chunk of bytes and to not do it with a string.

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    It is possible if you are compiling with respect to C++11. I have never tried this feature myself, but it was not too difficult to find a tutorial that might work for you.
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