Thread: connecting c and c++ functions

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    connecting c and c++ functions


    I have this function which is a part of an older lib. the thing is this function accepts char***, allocates the required memory and fills it up. However i need to accept this char*** as a 2D vector of strings, but I am having hard time makeing it work. Could anyone help me with this one.


    function (char*** results){
    results = (char ***) malloc(sizeof(char **)*num);
    for (index=0; index<num; index++) {
       results[index] = (char **)malloc(sizeof(char*)*size);
       for (i=0; i<size; i++) {
           results[index][i] = (char *)malloc(sizeof(char)*x));
           // fill
    vector<vector<string>> results;
    cout << results[0][0]<< endl;
    thank you!

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    However i need to accept this char*** as a 2D vector of strings,

    If you want to stick with std::string you would probably be better off rewriting the "fill" to handle the C++ std::string. Since you want to use a vector you won't need any of the malloc() calls, since the vector will manage it's own memory.

    If you for some reason need to stick with this function then I suggest you stick with the array of C-strings. If necessary after the function call you could convert the array of C-string to a vector<vector<string>> and then free all the associated memory.

    But without seeing more of the function I can't really tell you how to proceed.


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