Thread: memory functions not in Win98

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    memory functions not in Win98

    I'm trying to learn about heap allocation, walking, deallocation,
    etc. but every function/struct I get from MSDN says it's not
    supported by Win98 only WinNT.



    Windows NT: Requires version 3.5 or later.
    Windows: Unsupported

    Note Beginning with Visual C++ Version 4.0, the underlying heap structure was moved to the C run-time libraries to support the new debugging features. As a result, the only Win32 platform that is supported by _heapwalk is Windows NT. When it is called by any other Win32 platform, _heapwalk returns _HEAPEND and sets errno to ENOSYS.

    But there's no mention/link/etc. to whatever replaced these.

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    For clarification I understand new and delete. What I'm trying to
    learn now is how to walk the heap and get the info (for tracking
    leaks, etc.)

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    This is why Win 2k and above are the operating systems you should try to target for......

    According to Advanced Windows by Jeff Richter, when Win95 shipped, it was to fit a marketing gap for people who used 386 chips with 4MB memory (I cant imagine using 95 under these conditions though!!) ........they already had NT, but of course this used more memory........To allow them to target this market, they didnt implement all the functionality that was / or would be available under NT......

    Win98 is more or less the same as 95 (API wise).........So if you want to do any process specific programming - Get Win2K at least!

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