Thread: 3D Graphics with quaternion data

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    3D Graphics with quaternion data

    Hi All,

    So I've got a sensor (contains a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer) that outputs quaternion data. I'm looking to take that data and use it to display the rotation of my sensor in the form of some object on the screen. I've seen instances where programs use a cube, but I'm hoping to figure out a way to have a little more control over what the object I'm rendering is.

    Does anyone have any advice as to how to get started? Are there any software packages that might be able to accomplish this?


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    If you plug the quaternion into a matrix library that supports them (OpenGL and Direct3D both have these) then the rest is just plug and chug transformation. A transform is SRT or scale * rotation * translation. The rotation portion here is what your quaternion will yield in matrix form.

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