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    problem with class

    I made this class for a game i'm making:
    #ifndef _ENEMY_H_
    #define _ENEMY_H_
    class ENEMY{
            int currow(){return row;};
            int curcol(){return col;};
            void enemymove();   //dumb enemy
            void enemymove2(int playerrow,int playercol);  //smart enemy
            int enemytype;
            void DebugPrint();
            void Move(int rol, int col);
            void check();
            int row,col;
            int oldrow,oldcol;

    If I do something like this:
    #include "enemy.h"
    int main(){
        ENEMY enemies;  //error on this line
        //other stuff
    I get an ENEMY is not declared when I try to declare a variable of type ENEMY. whats wrong? I used other classes simular to this one, and they worked fine. I have no idea what is wrong.
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    why do you have an #endif? maybe your preprocessor is editing that out.
    less likely: you don't have a constructor. according to your code it exists but you don't show it.

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    The #endif is to close the #ifndef at the top.

    He does have a constructor:

    What he doesn't have is a destructor.

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    whereabouts is enemy.h? it must be in the same directory if you want to use #include "enemy.h"

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    put enemy.h in your include folder, then link to it like so:

    #include <enemy.h>

    in any program you need the engine for

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    I think the problem is that the compiler is unable to find your enemy.h file. unless you have made a library, try using a full directory listing of the file location. use angle brackets if you made a library and use quotes if not. or you can include the directory your file exists into your compiler directory list (some compilers have this).

    oh yeah, a distructor is automatically made by the compiler if you don't make one (at least the MSVC++ compiler does).
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    I had it in the same folder, it didn't work. Then I tried moving it to the include folder, and changed to angle brackets. That didn't work either. I think the compiler is able to find the file, thats not the problem. I tried compiling in both dev c++ and msvc++. I'm stumped.

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    When I was having similar problems with header files I changed the extension to hpp and everything worked fine. Someone said .h files caused the compiler to assume it was a C file rather than c++. I don't want to start an urban legend here but if it helps.... good luck

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    Just try putting the class in the cpp file and then compile it and see if you get the same error.

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