Thread: Something wrong in initialization?

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    Something wrong in initialization?

    Here is my source code
    #include <IOSTREAM.H>
    #include <string.h>

    class universal
    char *getname() {return itsname;}
    void setname(char *name) { strncpy (itsname, name, 50 ); }
    char itsname[50];

    class godublic universal
    void createland(int land) {
    cout << "\nCreating land";
    godland = land;}

    int getland() { return godland;}

    void createpeople(int people) {
    cout << "\nCreating people";
    godspeople = people;}

    int getpeople() { return godspeople;}

    int godland;
    int godspeople;


    int main()

    god thor = new god;

    return 0;

    I think the error lies in the line
    god thor = new god;
    but I am not sure why that is not correct someone help me plz

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    "new" allocates a pointer to an object. So off-hand I'd say you need:
    god* thor=new god;
    Other than that what's the problem? You main() doesn't do anything but allocate memory for the god object (which you need to free with delete god) and then end (return(0)).

    Oh, and use code tags. It makes things easier to read. And also, click on "Disable Smilies in This Post" too (notice the god class).

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