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    arguments from another executable

    I have 2 programs. One is a test case generator(A) and the other is the program (B) the test cases refer to. Now, I was told to use some sort of system command to call B and input arguments as generated from A. Then, A is supposed to generate a .dat file of time-to-errors to be used with CASRE. The problem is that I cannot find any such system call and how to use it. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to look? Thanks

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    Platform you're developing for?

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    Writing for Windows

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    There is a family of spawn functions that allow you to start another process and to pass arguments to it. Here's a link to a reasonably good explaination...

    Read the above page and let us know how you make out. Your compiler library may have slightly different names and/or parameters... sometime these can be a little tricky to get just right, but nothing major.

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