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    Recursion Funtion Problem

    I am unable to write a recursive function that takes in a vector of numbers and returns the median.
    double median (vector <double> vec)
    typedef vector<double> :: size_type vec_sz;
    vec_sz size = vec.size();
    if (size==0)
    return false;
    sort(vec.begin(), vec.end());
    vec_sz mid = size/2;
    return size%2 ==0 ?(vec[mid]+vec[mid-1])/2 : vec[mid];

    Could anyone convert the into a recursive function call .

    Thanking you in advance for your reply and time.

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    I won't write your code, but I see there that you have missed the basics of refursive functions: The function calls itself. THis is how the basicas should look:

    double median(vector <double> vec)
        if(vec.size() != 0){
            return median(vec);
            return 0;
    Now, before returning median(vec), do your median calculations...

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