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    about overloading operators

    i always fail with overloading operators...i use C++11 for be more easy.
    can anyone explain to me how overloading operator?

    inside of class label:
    HWND& operator=(const label &test)
            return this->hwnd;
    how i use it:
    SetWindowText(label1, "left mouse button down");
    - SetWindowText() is for change the window caption;
    - label1 is 1 instance of label.
    the SetWindowText() function, 1st parameter must recive a HWND value. but i mistake with overloading operator

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    The operator = is generally used for assignment because, well, it's the assignment operator. So presumably you would want to do some sort of assigning.

    You labeled your second snippet as "how I use it" but you don't use it in the snippet (the = character does not appear anywhere), so why you think it is relevant is anybody's guess.

    EDIT: Or did you want a conversion operator? That has a different name. If this is true, then IMO the correct answer is to forget about conversions and provide a getter for the hwnd member:
    SetWindowText(label1.GetHWND(), "left mouse button down");
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