Thread: Improving c++ skills and marketability:

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    Improving c++ skills and marketability:

    I finish my degree in Computer Science this summer and I am currently in the US Army. I get out in 18 months and would like to be a programmer. I know I need to work on programming as much as I can and learn as many languages. Java is next and independently I want to learn C# and .NET

    What are some things I can do after I finish my degree to help myself transition into a programming job? Being that I am in the Infantry my resume is hurting other then management skills etc.

    I would like to volunteer for projects just for the experience while I am still in the service but I don't know where. Oddly google does't come up with very much.

    Any advice.

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    The skills you need will typically be specific to the job, not so much to all the nuances of a specific programming language. If you can find out what kind of jobs are being offered in the area you plan to work at, and what type of jobs you would be interested in, that would help.

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    Yes very true. However I am willing to go anywhere. I need a job to get experience and I need experience to get a job. I was thinking about jumping into a Masters Program (Penn State-Software Engineering) right after I finish my Bachelors. Do you think I should wait till I have some experience? The area I am in right now (Germany) a company told me to come see them when I am done with school and they are looking for a Java eCommerce developer.

    -I suppose my questions are should I jump into a master program.
    -How can I do some real programming and create something that would improve my skills, i.e. volunteer work or sites ideas.

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    Hrm, well, that depends I would say.
    Do you think that, after attending a master programme, you would be more valuable to companies? Like, are there classes in areas which you think they could benefit from (e.g. database programming, parallel programming, distributed programming)?
    If not, then I'd say you should get a job directly and have them pay for classes if they want to educate you. But maybe you should hear with them first before you make a decision.
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