Thread: Differenc between cin.get() and cin.getline() in c++

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    Differenc between cin.get() and cin.getline() in c++

    Can any one plese tell me what is the difference between cin.get() and cin.getline(). in c++ ..................and what is the use of cin.ignore().........explain with some examples ???

    guys thank u in advance...............

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    Sure I mean it's not like you could search the Web or something. Oh wait, you can.

    istream::ignore - C++ Reference

    istream::getline - C++ Reference

    istream::get - C++ Reference

    Examples of each function are available at the provided links. You will need to read in any event to get proper usage out of anything. The cin.get() and cin.getline() functions that operate on C-strings are basically inferior to the std::string version, which you can read about here:

    getline (string) - C++ Reference

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