Thread: Emergency c++ problem

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    Emergency c++ problem

    Convert the decimal input number N (0 ≤ N ≤ 2 147 483 647) into a base B number (2 ≤ B ≤ 9).

    First, the number T of test cases is given. Each test case is specified by the numbers N and B, separated by space.

    The converted number. The result for each test case should be printed in a separate line.

    Sample Input
    7 2
    4 2
    4 3
    4 4
    1464724260 7
    Sample Output

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    In compliance with the site's homework policy (at this link) my response is simple: if you don't make an honest attempt to do your own homework you can't expect help here.

    Practically, if you show some code that demonstrates a genuine effort (yes, people here have sufficient experience to recognise the difference), you can ask for help with specific problems.
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    Right 98% of the time, and don't care about the other 3%.

    If I seem grumpy or unhelpful in reply to you, or tell you you need to demonstrate more effort before you can expect help, it is likely you deserve it. Suck it up, Buttercup, and read this, this, and this before posting again.

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    Since you were too lazy to even try your homework, you're also probably too lazy to read that above post so here's some tl;dr layman's terms responses:

    * We're not doing your homework for you.
    * Help yourself and we'll help you.
    * Get out.
    * The day I do someone's homework for them without monetary compensation is the day they throw my sorry rodent tail to the wolves.
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    How to ask smart questions
    DWORD dwBytesOverwritten;
    BYTE rgucOverWrite[] = {0xe9,0,0,0,0};

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    Well I have not closed a thread in awhile. I believe this one qualifies as one to be closed. Closed.

    We have a strict no homework policy. If you show no effort to solve the problem then no one is going to assist you in cheating on your homework. If you would like this thread to be re-opened and will show some effort then contact one of the moderators.

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