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    Apache VitualHost Manager

    I am writting a program for Apache that adds virtual hosts without having to manually use pico or vi. I have it so it will collect information and output it to the .conf file but I am really not sure how to scan over the file to locate the section of lines that the virtual host is composed of then delete them. Can anyone help?

    Thank You!

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    This is a bit more application-specific than this board is geared for. If you are having problems with a language construct, then simplify it to that construct, and post a code sample. If you want to do something specifically with Apache, look for a board more geared to that topic. That or google it.

    If you are looking specifically for file access, then look up fstream on msdn, or wait until someone with a little more free time picks up this thread.

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    That's Understandable... if anyone is interested in looking at the Linux source files they can be obtained at I might be able to figure it out if someone could tell me how I can delete a line in a text file... lets say I know it is line 6 that needs to be deleted... might anyone be able to post some sample code or point me to a site with some?


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    Are you asling how to phrase a file and store it a variables.
    Like a "*.ini" file?
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    I am asking how to delete a section of lines from a text file... I need to know how I can scan over a text file, find a key word, continue down find another key word then delete the lines with the key word(s) on them and everything in between.

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