Thread: saving to a file with custom type (.lee or something)

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    saving to a file with custom type (.lee or something)

    ok, so i create this file in the same directory as my exe for my game. how would i make a file, like if i wanted a file like "Player.dml" so people couldn't edit it? then i do:

    ofstream save_file("Player.dml");


    //later when i open
    char garbage[10];
    ifstream open_file("Player.dml");

    //now i have all these variable values available?

    does it work like that? please answer both questions

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    For the most part the program doesn't make a distinction about the extension for the file, I could save all of my files as .pre and the program would have no trouble reading it. In fact, I've done just that quite a few times. What the program sees is whether the file is opened as textual or binary, not what type of file it is.

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