Thread: Comparing char values in an array using 'if'

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    u gotta take it easy
    it may be hard in the begining but later it will be like
    i dont know the english word but drinking water?#"%!

    btw ae ju m or f-m?

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    F and U?

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    thats not "standard" main.
    The best thing to use for main() is something like
    int main(int argc, char[] argv);
    And you cant say standard main even though its better

    And please dont write gibberish

    I think he means "are you male or female?"

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    Sorry for gibberish (it did break the monotony of my morning) - my program is working and I thank all of you for your insight and direction. I am going to ask my professor about the int main comments from both of you. Have a good day and thanks again for the help!

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