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    Exclamation menu with conio.h help needed

    Hey guys,
    I am trying to make cool main menu,but i am not sure how to do this correctly.
    so i am trying to make something like this:

    at the start:

    --> Start
    How to play

    after clicked down arrow:

    --> How to play

    after clicked down arrow twice:

    How to play
    --> Exit
    I hope you get the point. ;)
    This is what i have done so far:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <windows.h>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        int option;
        cout<<"    Menu:"<<endl;
              cout<<'\t'<<"--> "<<"  Start"<<endl;
              cout<<'\t'<<"     How to play"<<endl;
              cout<<'\t'<<"     Exit"<<endl;
        while( option != 27){
        option = getch();
        case 80:
           cout<<" --> "<<"  How to play"<<endl;
        case 72:
            cout<<"  - "<<endl;
        case 27:
        cout<<"  - "<<endl;
        return 0;

    Hope for help, Thanks in advance! ;)

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    So keep track of where your arrow is and when a down arrow is pressed change the position and redraw the screen.

    I have no idea what character code (if any) you'll get from down arrow and don't want to know, but presumably documentation may still exist for getch.

    (EDIT: I feel like I must for form's sake say "conio????????????????" so there you go.)

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    I did something like this a long while back (the option pointed to by the arrow was also changed to red), but it was in 'C' (and completely non-portable).

    Rather than hard coding it like you did, I created a function to print the menu items. I also passed a code to that function to indicate the currently "highlighted" option. In that function, I printed something before each menu item. For the non-highlighted options, I just printed four spaces. For the highlighted option, I printed " -> ".

    Each time an arrow key is pressed, I would increment/decrement (or wrap around) the value of the option to highlight, then simply call the function again.

    If you need information on using the arrow keys, check the FAQ.

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