Thread: searching for a file and unzipping to location..

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    searching for a file and unzipping to location..

    im making an applet for ultima online developers, we go thru alot of differant "shards" and to go to each shard you have to replace a set of files in the game directory. my applet would find a zipped version of all the neccisary files for the shard that we want to go onto and unzip it into the game folder. i know basic c++ and am wondering how to find the zipped file and unzip it.

    anything would be great. thanks.

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    really any help on this would be appreciated. i dont even need to unzip the files. i just need to be able to have them copied from one location to another.

    and i dont know how to build a windows program.

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    one way could be using the system() command

    system(copy C:\\myproject);

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