Thread: dynamic objects in a <list>

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    dynamic objects in a <list>

    Someone clear this up for me...

    list<Order> lst_Orders;

    typedef list<Order *>::iterator it;

    Order *ptrOrder1 = new Order;
    Order *ptrOrder2 = new Order;
    Order *ptrOrder3 = new Order;


    for ( it = lst_Orders.begin(); it != lst_Orders.end(); it++ )
    delete *it; // not sure
    lst_Orders.remove(it); // not sure

    Is this correct ?

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    try to use code tags in future mate

    typedef std::list<Order*> lst_orders; // this is a typedef, not an instance
    typedef lst_orders::iterator lst_it; // ditto
    lst_orders theList; // instantiate the list
    lst_it theIterator; // instantiate the iterator
    Order *ptrOrder1 = new Order;
    Order *ptrOrder2 = new Order;
    Order *ptrOrder3 = new Order;
    theList.push_back(ptrOrder1); // add to the list
    for ( theIterator = theList.begin(); theIterator != theList.end(); ++theIterator ) // make the sure the iterator is incremented first, coz theList.begin() isn't an item in the list
       delete *theIterator;
    hope this helps
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