Thread: Please help me in my project!!

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    Please help me in my project!!

    Actually , i am making a game in C using graphics.h
    game have 2 parts ie. a bucket which is at the bottom which will accept balls coming from the top of screen!!

    So game is ball in bucket!
    if the co-ordinates of ball lies inside the bucket it means that ball has fallen into the bucket.

    Else not!!

    I have given 2 option for bucket that is, A and D to shift the bucket on x axis!!
    My problem starts here:

    In main i have 2 fuctions ie.
    position()- which accepts ch=getch() value and checks that is it A or D and move the bucket accordingly!!
    And randomizer ()- which can randomly makes circle at random x and y increasing (falling from top).

    My problem is how can i achieve that if user doesn't press anything in during ch=getch() then after 1 sec my next line(fuction) of randomizer() will execute!!

    I hope you got it!!!

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    Why do you create a topic for C++ if you claim that your game is in C?

    Anyway, what you want to do is platform-specific, which means that you need a 3rd party library to do this. Here is something that might help: linux - Non-blocking getch(), ncurses - Stack Overflow

    Google for "non-blocking keyboard input in C" or similar.

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