Thread: compute cost of sending air parcel

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    compute cost of sending air parcel

    the question asks;
    write a program to compute the cost of sending an airmail parcel
    from the UK to Australia. The maximum weight limit is 44 kgs. The user will enter a weight in kilos and the program computes and displays the fee. If the weight exceeds the maximum value the program warns the user and exits the program.

    so far i have done this;
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        int kilos;
        cout << "Type weight (kilos)" << endl;
        cin >> kilos;
        if (kilos > 44);
            cout << "This value is out of range" << endl;
            return 0;
        else if (kilos == )
    However my issue is that it wants the program to display the cost as 70 when the user enters 12. Im getting confused on how that is done.

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    Presumably you either have a formula for the cost, or you have a table like 0-12 -> 70, 13-24 ->105, or whatever. In the first case, you type in the formula; in the second, you can use if statements to determine which class the weight is in.

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    would write a formula to calculate the cost. whatever is typed in, calculate the formula. if it's over 44kg then exit. Shouldn't be too difficult.

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