Thread: How to add element to the end of a linked list?

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    How to add element to the end of a linked list?

    I know that it is more common to add new element at the head of the linked list. However, can we add it at the tail?

    First we should make the new element point to null. Second we should cut the linkage between the last bond and make the originally-last-element point to the new element.

    I do not know how to do the second step.

    Can anyone help? Thanks~

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    currPtr = head;
    while( currPtr->nextNode != NULL)
         currPtr = currPtr->nextNode;
    currPtr->nextNode = new node;
    Thats unchecked, but should be a working method. Find the end of the list, attach it to a new node, and then point that node to NULL.

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    Seems correct to me.

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    Ok the only reason I know this is because Im working with a linked list as we speak. Here's what I did:

    I have a class called Node where i declared a pointer of type Node called *nextNode. I set that equal to null. In a separate class called List, I declared three pointers of type Node called *startNode, *currNode, *endNode. I have a function in my List class called insertAtBack() which does this:

    Node *newCheckNode=new Node(x,dt,t,amt);

    So basically Im creating a new pointer of type Node and I am assigning a new chunk of memory to it. Next, I say if there is a value in my endNode, then endNode's nextNode will point to newCheckNode and endNode will equal newCheckNode.
    Otherwise, it is pretty obvious what it does.

    Good Luck!

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