Thread: going insane over CListBox

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    going insane over CListBox

    ...Hi all, imma new guy here. I cannot figure out for the life of me, how to put strings into a list box. I know you use AddString() or InsertString(), and that makes sense....what doesn't make any sense, is how you specify what list box you want it to go to. To me, it would be sensible to use the IDC_LISTNAME, but alas, you dont. When i compile my code, it runs fine, but when i go to run, it just crashes and doesn't tell me why. When i do step-in, in debug, it also crashes....therefore there is no way that i can tell, to find out why. If somebody would please explain why imma moron for not being able to figure this out, i would appreciate it. If anybody wants to see the code, no problem, but wont waste space until it is requested. Thanks..peesh

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    You may have more luck on the windows programming board. MSDN also has the answer pretty clearly.

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    On ur list box (in the dialog) right click & select ClassWizard. Use the add member variables to add a variable to ur list box. specify the category as control. use this variable to call the function insert string.

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