Thread: constant integer class variable errors

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    You might try something like this:
        int rn;
        std::string name, ccnum;
        std::ifstream fin("input.txt");
        if (!fin) {
            std::cerr << "Error ...\n";
            std::exit(EXIT_FAILURE); // you may want to exit, or not...
        while (fin >> rn) {
            fin >> name;  // Can the name have spaces? Then this won't work.
            fin >> ccnum;
            // With the appropriate Customer ctor you could do this:
  [rn].assignCustomer(Customer(name, ccnum));
            // If is a vector, you're better to use at() instead of [].
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    Got it to work! Thank you all so much for your help!

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    If room is a vector, then you should consider using push_back. Depending on whether you want rooms to exist without customers, either solution may be preferable.
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