Thread: How to load/run file

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    How to load/run file

    Let's say I create a small program or just want to open any kind of file on my computer, but I want to run a program that forces the user to enter a password or something (I already know this part). How does one create the code that would open the file?

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    what type of file do you want to open? what do you want to do with it once it's open? what have you tried so far?
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    open any kind of file on my computer
    You understand that a lot of the output file types on your computer are opened by application specific code? That is to say you wont just be able to open a file stream and output a pdf document for example - you need code/ suitable context to view that kind of content, unles you just want to see a load of jumbled symbols.
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    Would there be a specific code to use for any executable file. I mean this in the sense of something like, Minecraft. Let us say that you want to have a code that when someone clicks a file to play Minecraft, a box is displayed that forces the user to enter a password to be given permission for the file to be opened. What kind of code would be written to load that kind of file?

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    You would need to write some driver or some DLL that uses "grey" methods for intercepting this kind of thing. I wouldn't recommend it. Why you can't you just use an existing solution out there (ie program)? TrueCrypt?
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