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    Instantiating classes

    Right now I'm working on a program that uses a class that contains pointers to other classes. The problem I am having is trying to figure out where to instantiate the classes using the "new" command so that they remain in memory after function that allocates/creates them. It seems to me that this should be done in the class constructor, although when I try this, the class is correctly created then deleted once the constructor exits leaving the pointer to the class to be undefined. This is how I understand the "new" command anyway. Am I correct in this statement or do I have it confused with something else, and how can I instantiate these objects so that they are not deleted and the objects that point to them left undefined at the end of the fuction?

    I have it coded as below currently:

    class ConstrLst: public xorlist

    class connector
    char id[6]; float value;
    ConstrPtr informant;
    ConstrLst *constrsP; //pointer to the above class
    connector(char *name);

    int HasValue()
    return informant!=0;

    void ShowName()
    printf("%s", id);

    float GetValue()
    return value;

    void SetValue(float NewValue, ConstrPtr Setter);

    void ForgetValue(ConstrPtr retractor);
    void connect(ConstrPtr NewConstraint);
    void ForEachExcept(ConstrPtr, message);

    // and the constructor is:
    connector::connector(char *name)
    strcpy(id, name);
    constrsP=new ConstrLst;
    printf("Connector constructor\n");

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    afaik, the new command allocates memory until the program closes, regardless of scope. that's why it's used.

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