Im tryin to make a text game(first one of course)
first of all is it wise to call every room as a function(room1()room2()ect) second I want to simulate rolling dice. My use of rand is working but I use a while(!kbhit()) to stop rand() when the function is called the second third and fourth time to return the four rolls I require it does not wait for a key press. Is there a way to set !kbhit to false and wait for a key press everytime the roll function is called? I could try to use another means of user interactivity but If a can make it work Id like to do it with kbhit()
to simulate turn based combat.

void combat(int,int,int,char){die_roll(int a,char);die_roll(int b,char)
die_roll(int c,char);die_roll(int d,char);//do the math go to round 2)
//this function oly waits for 1 keypress I need 4

int die_roll(int x,char){
//some cout and initialization stuff
while(!kbhit());//get the values stuff
return roll;