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    Question stuck on time!!!!

    Please help me out in solving this Q.I am newbie and I am not sure whether I am doing right thing??

    The Q is to take swim,cycle,run times from user and display the best from each leg of competition.

    thanks in advance.

    I am submiiting code for calculating the best swim time:
    int main()
    int best_swim_time=1000;
    if(swim_time<best_swim_time)//swim_time entered by                               user//
        be_swim_time= swim_time;
         best_swim_name= nam;
    My test data:
    1st competitor:- ST:18sec,RT:3sec,CT:4sec
    2nd competitor:- ST:10sec,RT:8sec.CT:13sec
    results:best ST 2nd competitor (which is right)
    best CT,RT again 2nd competitor(which is wrong)

    1st competitor:- ST:2sec,RT:4sec,CT:9sec
    2nd competitor:- ST:9sec, RT:3sec,CT :2sec
    results:best RT & CT 2nd competitor(which is right)
    best ST again 2nd competitor(which is wrong)

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    You need to think through your logic and then write it out in a flow chart or what ever it takes to make sense... if you can't do that then you won't be able to code it.

    Here is some quick and dirty code I banged out to help you get moving. You should be able to modify it to do what you want... I hope you will not copy it verbatum... but that it up to you.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    struct competitor_info {
    	char name[30];
    	int swim_time;
    	int run_time;
    	int cycle_time;
    	int overall_time;
    #define MAX_COMPETITORS 3
    int main()
    	competitor_info race_results[MAX_COMPETITORS];
    	int best_time=1000;
    	int competitor=0;
    	int winner=0;
    	// initialize array values;
    	for (int i=0; i<MAX_COMPETITORS; ++i)
    		race_results[i].name[0] = '\0';
    		race_results[i].swim_time = 0;
    		race_results[i].run_time = 0;
    		race_results[i].cycle_time = 0;
    		race_results[i].overall_time = 0;
    	do {
    		cout << "enter name of competitor #" << competitor+1 << ": ";
    		cin >> race_results[competitor].name;
    		cout << "enter swim time: ";
    		cin >> race_results[competitor].swim_time;
    		cout << "enter run time: ";
    		cin >> race_results[competitor].run_time;
    		cout << "enter cycle time: ";
    		cin >> race_results[competitor].cycle_time;
    		race_results[competitor].overall_time = 
    			best_time = race_results[competitor].overall_time;
    		// check for bad input		
    		if (!race_results[competitor].swim_time || 
    			!race_results[competitor].swim_time || 
    			cout << "you must compete in all events\n";
    			cout << "you have been disqualified\n";
    		else ++competitor;
    	} while (competitor < MAX_COMPETITORS);
    	cout << "\n\n===============================================\n";
    	cout << "best overall time: " << best_time << endl;
    	cout << "winner: " << race_results[winner].name << endl;
    	cout << "swim time: " << race_results[winner].swim_time << endl;
    	cout << "run time: " << race_results[winner].run_time << endl;
    	cout << "cycle time: " << race_results[winner].cycle_time << endl;
    	return 0;

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