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    Sharing Class functions

    Hello there, it's been a while since I posted so it's nice to see you guys again!

    Straight to the point... I have a class which has a certain function, but I need that function to be used by another class. I made some research and the best solution might be using a "friend function". Is it the best way to do so? Can anyone shed some light on this topic for a better understanding? Thanks in advance.

    class Playlist
        // "set" methods
        void setMusicList(const std::string& filename);
        // "get" methods
        std::vector<uint> getMusicList() const {return musicList;};
        // other
        void addSongToPlaylist(uint songID);
        void removeSongFromPlaylist(uint songID);
        void showPlaylist() const;  -> Function which needs to be used by a RadioStation (class) function
        void orderPlaylist();
        void writePlaylistToFile(const std::string& filename);
        std::vector<uint> musicList;
        // these methods can be private, the function orderPlaylist calls them
        void swapElementsInPlaylist();
        bool isOrdered() const;
    class RadioStation
        RadioStation(); // creates a radio station
        // "set" methods
        void setName(const std::string& n) {name = n;};
        void setTracksToBroadcast();
        void setTopTracks();
        void setUsers();
        // "get" methods
        std::string getName() const {return name;};
        Playlist getTTBroadcast() const {return tracksToBroadcast;};
        Playlist getTopTracks() const {return topTracks;};
        std::vector<User> getUsers() const {return radioUsers;};
        // other
        void addUser(User u); // adds a new listener to a previously created r station
        void createTopTenFile();
        void showTopTracks() const; //  show top ten tracks
        void createNewUser();
        // radio station menus
        void firstLaunch();
        void userAccount(const std::string& lineWithUserInfo);
        void userOptions(); -> Function which requires the "showPlaylist" function
        void login();
        void signup();
        void mainMenu();
        std::string name;
        Playlist tracksToBroadcast;
        Playlist topTracks;
        std::vector<User> radioUsers;
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    I cannot see the problem. showPlaylist() is a public function of Playlist().
    RadioStation has two Playlist members tracksToBroadcast and topTracks

    so it is ok in RadioStation::userOptions() to call

    no friend needed


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    Friends are for making private or protected data/functions available to specific outside functions/classes/structs. As your function is public, you don't need that.
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